book cover of Taking the Temptress

Taking the Temptress

(A book in the Red Chrysanthemum series)
A collection of stories by

Miss Terrell is a wayward temptress in need of taming.

She has succeeded in seducing Master Gallant of the Red Chrysanthemum, where men and women engage in wicked carnal delights. But a few nights of passion are not enough. She wants his complete domination.

As tempting as it would be for Charles Gallant to take on the role of her dominant, he cannot afford to. Not only does her body call to his in ways that threaten all forbearance, she is still spoken for by Sir Arthur, a wealthy and influential MP whose support would all but guarantee Charles victory in his own effort to stand for Parliament. Sir Arthur, with his dark and dubious past, is not a man to cross.

But Terrell craves Master Gallant's touch. No one can take her to the heights of pain and pleasure as well as he, and she suspects that he burns for her as much as she does for him. She vows she can be the perfect submissive for Master Gallant. But Charles has heard that promise before and seen it, along with his heart, broken.

If he gives in to desire and takes the temptress, he risks ruining them both...

Reader Advisory: This erotic historical is an interracial romance with BDSM elements and themes of dominance and submission. The previous book in this serial, Seducing the Master, is recommended but not required. For more wicked wantonness, special offers, and free ebooks, visit