book cover of Submitting to the Baron, Part II

Submitting to the Baron, Part II

(The eighth book in the Chateau Debauchery series)
A Novella by

Warning! This romantic erotica contains dubious consent. It is also recommended that Part I be read first.

Trudie is in over her head at the Chateau Debauchery, where guests indulge in pleasures both wicked and taboo. Ashamed that she allowed a masked stranger to seduce her, she is determined to leave the chateau as soon as possible and begin to atone for her wrongs in private.

But he won't let her.

Moreover, he takes it upon himself to see she pays her penance. Trudie finds herself caught between wanting to avoid the pain of punishment and desiring to submit to its pleasure and erotic heights.

This Regency-set short story contains submissive training and other BDSM elements.

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