book cover of Wicked All Night

Wicked All Night

(The first book in the Wickedly Yours series)
A novel by

What started out for Julius Valacourt, the rakish Viscount Breton, as an unprecedented challenge to lure a virtuous and beautiful older woman into a clandestine affair suddenly has him uniquely off-balance. Is the lovely Sophia not just warming his bed but also his distant heart? It isn’t a suitable match for either of them, permanence not a possibility, and his goal had only been to be wicked all night…
Olivia has a refined background and is a gifted pianist, but is haunted by a dark past that unfortunately isn’t a secret. Her independence is hard-won and she guards it, especially from the Honorable Jonas Valacourt, who has the world at his feet. His pursuit is flattering but pointless, because her virtue is about all she has left. The real weapon in his arsenal isn’t his potent good looks and wealth, but his true appreciation of music. She’s tempted, but she can’t afford to fall into his sensual trap for even one wicked moment…
Two notorious brothers finally meet their match in the unattainable women they just can’t have, but then again, walking away is not an option…

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