book cover of Punishing Miss Primrose, Parts I - XX

Punishing Miss Primrose, Parts I - XX

The Complete Set:
(A book in the Red Chrysanthemum series)
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Revenge is a dish best served wickedly hot...

Spencer Edelton, the Marquess of Carey, will do whatever it takes to punish Miss Primrose, the woman who left his younger brother a shell of a man. But this Regency miss may prove too much for even the most capable of men to handle.

Weary from exacting her revenge upon the man who raped her sister, Beatrice Primrose has had her fill of men of privilege and presumption, but she accepts a fateful invitation from a handsome nobleman to spend a sennight at his estate for a grand sum of money. She soon learns, however, that she will not get to reprise her customary role of Mistress. To her horror, she finds his lordship expects her to submit to him!

In a passionate clash of wills, can Miss Primrose take what she dishes? Will Lord Carey succumb or succeed in punishing Miss Primrose?

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