book cover of Valkyrie


(A book in the Avian Clone Chronicles series)
A novel by

Stunningly handsome Avian clone Valkyrie is highly intelligent with superior senses and a pair of golden wings, but he has one trait that allows his horrific past to haunt him—he can’t forget anything.
Zia, a lovely Mordrial woman with telepathic abilities, works in the orphanage where she and her elder sister, Letsa, grew up. But now Letsa is dead—killed by an unknown assailant with an illegal laser weapon. The police are stumped, and Zia hopes Val’s legendary computer skills can help her crack the case.
When Val reluctantly agrees to help Zia, he gets far more than he bargained for as their working relationship develops into something much deeper. Zia suspects that Val might be The One, but first she must help him let go of the past and move on, as they risk their lives to bring a killer to justice.

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