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Virgin In Heat 2

A Novella by

Charlotte learns of Silas' betrayal and runs away into the dark forest. She's blinded by rage, tortured by images of Silas fucking the two women right in front her.

She ends up in the werewolf den, surrounded by gorgeous, chiseled shifters. What better way to get back at Silas than to enjoy herself with these sexy new friends?

The beasts certainly can't resist her human body and they are more than willing.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

Charlotte couldn't help the small squeal as she began gently moving through the closet, fingering the fine materials. After much deliberation, she finally selected a sea foam-green dress of gossamer. Charlotte stepped out of her clothes and stepped into the dress. The material caressed her legs, if that was even possible. Once she had slipped her arms through, she admired herself in the mirror.

The dress hung loosely around her chest, the fabric falling in soft folds along her collarbone and shoulders. It was cut narrowly along her torso and gathered slightly at her hips, before draping down her legs in long pieces, her skin peeking through.

Taking a deep breath, Charlotte made her way downstairs but was disappointed not to see Elden. She peered through a window and saw Elden kneeling in a garden of sorts, behind the house. Charlotte went out back and Elden turned towards her.

Elden's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he exhaled. "You're a vision," he breathed.

"Thank you, Elden, for the clothes. I've never seen anything like them."

Elden stepped towards her, his hand outstretched as he fingered the material.

"They are more perfect than I ever could have imagined."

The instant his hand grazed her bare thigh; Charlotte lost all senses as she fell into Elden.
Elden grabbed her firmly, squeezing her hips as he pushed her up against a tree.

"Charlotte," he groaned, running his tongue up the length of her throat. Charlotte moaned as Elden fumbled in the layers of silk around her hips. He brought his lips to Charlotte crushing her with the ferocity of his desire. Charlotte gasped, clawing at Elden, trying desperately to yank his shirt off. She felt Elden stiffen against her thigh and she pushed her hips against his direction, wanting to feel him as close to her skin as possible.

Elden was breathing raggedly as his hands broke through the material and he slipped two fingers inside Charlotte, her juices running over them. Charlotte's body responded to Elden and she could feel herself trembling from the contact. She fumbled for Elden's pants, pulling them down until she felt Elden fall into her hands, warm and thick.

Desperate and aching, Charlotte stroked Elden, noticing that he was bigger than the wolves and she moaned wantonly as she imagined Elden pushing himself inside her.

"Please, Elden! I need you inside me now," she gasped.

"I could never say no," he groaned, tugging her dress down and exposing her breasts as he cupped them in his hands.

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