book cover of The Monster\'s Breeding Slave

The Monster's Breeding Slave

(The second book in the Contract of Eternal Submission series)
A Novella by

Savannah is in too deep now, she knows too much about Elijah and his dark underworld. She has no choice but to sign his Contract of Submission, to be his sex slave and to submit to his every desire no matter how degrading or depraved the acts may be. Savannah relishes in the sick pleasure she gets from being completely dominated by him, never before has she been so satisfied sexually. She is his property to command but now that he owns her does he plan to be as faithful?

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

Savannah opened her eyes and saw Elijah gazing at her; his look was smoldering. At some point in her blissful post-orgasm coma, she had missed the fact that Elijah had removed his pants. Though proportioned perfectly to his new, larger body, his cock was longer and thicker than the one she had enjoyed having in her mouth hours ago. It was hard, heavy, and pointing directly towards the sky. Savannah gulped knowing that such a cock was about to enter her.

Elijah positioned himself atop her slender frame, making her feel tiny. His knees pushed her legs open even wider and he nuzzled her bare chest with his thick mane of hair as he rubbed his fingers along her slick entry.

"Now, you're ready for me," he murmured and Savannah's eyes widened. Propping himself over her, she felt his cock brush against her thigh and she trembled from the weight of it.

"I'm going to fuck you bare," he warned, "I am clean and healthy in this body and just so you know, my human body is the same."

Savannah nodded. "I'm clean too," she whispered, still anxious about Elijah's gigantic cock.

"Relax, Savannah," he commanded and though Savannah's mind knew better than to relax, her body betrayed her, falling into the mattress. Elijah held himself at his tip and pushed shallowly into Savannah's tight little opening.

The shallow entry alone blew Savannah's mind and she arched her back on the bed in silent pleasure, her mouth forming a perfect O. Elijah was wide and thick but he felt absolutely incredible. She forced herself to relax around him and Elijah groaned with approval before pushing in another inch. It was slightly more painful now, but still immensely pleasurable. Savannah grabbed at her breasts, squeezing them as she tried to absorb the pleasure. Elijah pushed in further and this time Savannah cried out in painful satisfaction.

"Holy shit, you're so fucking tight," Elijah moaned, he was panting already and he was only halfway inside of her.

Savannah could feel every solid inch of Elijah within her and she could feel her sex stretching to accommodate him. She wanted Elijah. She wanted every inch of his cock to take her. To own her. She wanted to be connected to Elijah in every intimate way, and she was determined for him to have his cock balls-deep inside her.

"All the way!" she gasped wildly, "Elijah! Deeper."

Elijah's eyes were crazed with desire and he slowly began to push his full length inside her. Savannah screamed and writhed on the bed, her snug sex widening and stretching tightly for his unrelenting cock. Further and further Elijah pushed into her and still she stretched for him. She cried in pain as he continued to push into her. At last, he stopped and Savannah realized he was in to the root.

"Oh, Savannah," he gasped, staying perfectly still with all of him inside her. Savannah was helpless, unable to move and Elijah was reminding her that he owned her. Savannah moaned loudly as she felt the true power of Elijah. He owned her inside and out and now she was truly his.

He was throbbing deeply inside of her and she could feel every pulse vibrating within her core. Not only that, but Elijah was warm - incredibly warm. Savannah was already hot and heated as it was, and Elijah's delicious warmth was radiating from deep within her now and she felt it spread through her body like a sexual fire.

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