book cover of In The Dungeon Of The Depraved Beasts, Volume 3

In The Dungeon Of The Depraved Beasts, Volume 3

(The third book in the Dungeon Of The Depraved series)
A Novella by

Olivia's soul is withering in the dungeon of the depraved beasts. Gorside and Rurik continue to terrify her, but her new ally Leo and the enamored guard Samuel are beginning to threaten her hard-earned equilibrium. When her would-be protectors go too far to keep her safe, things in the dungeon threaten to turn deadly.

She must succumb to the sexual appetites of disgusting beasts in order to keep the peace and do whatever it takes to please her masters and stay alive.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

They reached Rurik's door and Samuel led her inside, seating her on the couch. He went searching for Rurik and brought him to Olivia. With a pained look, Samuel left Olivia alone with the monster.

"You look very sexy today," Rurik said admiringly. Olivia's stomach turned. "Wearing a dress like that makes you look like such a whore. And do you know what whores do?" he asked softly.

Olivia paused, afraid of the answer. "They suck cock." Rurik held his gnarled hand out to Olivia and she had no choice but to take it and let him lead her to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Rurik pushed Olivia down to her knees and he reached between his thighs, rubbing at the nub that lay between them. Olivia watched in disgust as the mass between his legs began to grow. Rurik groaned softly to himself as he stroked his cock, closing his eyes and moving up and down his shaft with quick strokes. Olivia's nostrils filled with the fresh scent of lavender mixed with a touch of sweet and she inhaled gratefully, welcoming the numbing relief that would make the afternoon tolerable.

She could feel the drug moving through her insides, warming and relaxing her body. She eyed Rurik's cock with a new perspective and she licked her lips hungrily, aching to wrap her delicate lips around the massive cock before her. She knew she could never stretch her mouth fully around him, but she was going to try her best to encase his tip. Rurik looked at her through heavy eyelids as he pushed his throbbing mass at her face. Olivia moved towards him, planting soft kisses along his thick shaft, trailing her lips up to his base and then back to his tip. Rurik groaned gutturally and pushed his hips hard at Olivia's face, his cock bumping into her.

Olivia couldn't help but writhe as she wrapped her hands around Rurik's cock, stroking him up and down and feeling his solidness under her fingers. Cradling him in her hands, she brought her mouth to him and ran her tongue along him, tracing his bumps. He felt so thick and so strong and she couldn't help but moan softly, she took so much pleasure from pleasuring him. She moved to his tip, kissing and sucking at his skin and then opened her mouth wide, determined to wrap her mouth around him. She slowly began to encase his tip, and she moaned happily as she continued to push onto his cock. She widened her mouth further until she couldn't take any more of him. She flicked her tongue against him, and teasingly pulled off him, before sucking him again.

Rurik groaned deep in his throat, and this time he grasped her hair, mussing it up as he tangled his fingers in it. Olivia began to move faster and she felt Rurik twitch inside her.

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