book cover of I Married A Monster

I Married A Monster

(The first book in the Night Breeders series)
A Novella by

Jessica ends up alone in the forest after her soon to be ex-boyfriend takes her car and leaves her stranded. She is taken in the middle of the night by an exiled beast fleeing from his tribe. He uses her petite human body for his depraved sexual desires and surprisingly he is met with her insatiable sexual appetite. However, trouble ensues when the beast's tribesmen catch up to them and Jessica must pleasure each monster, allowing them to use every hole as she takes load after load of their foul seed.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

"What?" she asked, having no idea what he was going to ask. Then, she glanced down. His penis was enlarging rapidly, sticking out like a tent pole in front of him, the head telescoping up at her, even as she watched. "" she said, fixedly staring at it. "It's absolutely monstrous."
He reached over with his huge hands, and gently pulled hers from her breasts. Startled, Jessica leaned back in fear.
"I won't hurt you," he said, and then he kissed her on her right breast. His big lips engulfed her nipple, as he gently sucked on it.
A thrill of pleasure shot through Jessica. God, but that felt good! He moved to the other tit now, gently kissing it, using his lips to play with the already erect nipple.
Jessica groaned in pleasure and arched her back.
"That's it," she murmured, as she shut her eyes and just enjoyed the sweet sensations of his hot mouth moving over her breasts. He kept this up for some time, and she just leaned back, head against the rear tent wall, eyes shut, as she relished his making love to her.
Then, it stopped. Jessica opened her eyes.
"Can we mate now?" He was leaning over her. She could feel what amounted to his third leg, pressing hard against her left thigh, his hot breath on her face.
"Not much on foreplay, are you?" Jessica said, disappointed that he was so like other men in her life.
We humans make love to each other before actually mating. For instance, why don't you lie back and let me suck your dick for a while. I'd love to try."
"Suck?" he repeated, inquiringly.
"Yes," she said. "Let me show you. Try and lean back some, and spread your legs.
"Oh, Lord," she declared when Big-Foot managed this. "Those things are regular bowling balls, aren't they?" Jessica said, as she stared at his nuts. "And that cock! Let me have a taste of that big thing.
So saying, she crouched forward on her knees and put her mouth on his swollen cockhead. The thing was enormous and it filled her mouth completely. Even so, she managed to go down on it some, if only a few inches. She used her hands to jerk the lower part of the shaft as she did this.

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