book cover of The Demon Inside Her

The Demon Inside Her

(The fourth book in the Night Breeders series)
A Novella by

Rebecca is bored to death with her dead-end job and her predictable, lazy lover Robert. During a school field trip with her seventh-grade class she falls into the clutches of a mysterious mountain man who seethes of testosterone. He takes forceful advantage of Rebecca's pent up sexual lust and leaves her previously mishandled pussy in utter disarray. The monster of a man eventually releases her but leaves behind one last surprise - his demon seed grows in Rebecca's fertile young body.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

As the thought of his blazing, pulsing member rose in her mind, he slipped his fingers deep into her pussy. The sudden, penetrating pressure caused her to let out another gasp and press her shaking body against the sultry warmth of his. His powerful fingers stroked the depths of her precious chamber with effortless authority, as his thumb found its way to her swollen clit. Her eyes nearly rolled back into her head as he began to rub the raw nerve, the focus of her womanly pleasure, with vigor and skill she could never have imagined. Waves of ecstasy rolled through her body, as he pushed her ever closer to mind-bending climax. She gulped air into her lungs as if she were drowning in a sea of sensation, and his wet mouth met hers.

As his fingers dove deeper and deeper into her pussy, and his thumb flicked and fluttered against her clit, his tongue drove into her open, gasping mouth. The double penetration backed her up against the edge of orgasm. His strong, lengthy tongue wrapped around hers - and she closed her lips around it, sucking hard. She wanted him to know exactly what she would do to him when his hot, heavy body budged an inch. His fingers responded to her lustful kiss, zeroing in on her clit with a rabid, raw desire to get her off. To demolish her. Realizing the breadth of his vigor, she felt the rolling approach of orgasm. As she came, a guttural moan unlike any she'd ever heard from herself escaped her throat, echoing around the clearing in the woods.

Spent, she collapsed beneath him, staring bemusedly up into his warm, grinning face. Her head was swimming with the musky scent of his presence, their arousal, the pine needles and crisp air. So far gone was she on the dizzying force of her orgasm that she hardly remembered that she had given herself to a stranger in the middle of the forest. She'd finally let go and given herself over to someone completely... and it felt amazing. Sheepishly, she smiled up at him.
"We still have to take care of you," she said softly.

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