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Dark Liege Desires

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Savannah meets a mysterious and seductive stranger at a family gathering. There's something ominous, something intriguing about him, he has a pull on her, and instantly she's filled with need for him. Little does she know that Dr. Elijah Preston is more than a world-renowned surgeon and television personality. He has a dark secret to share with her...

Elijah brings her into his world, one where he shifts into a superior being with immense strength and an insatiable sexual appetite. If she is willing, she can become his queen, his sexual property in this new fantasy world of uninhibited hedonistic pleasure.

Dark Liege Desires is a steamy paranormal erotica novel featuring graphic scenes of rough sex and degradation, dominant alpha males, shifters and willing female sex slaves. Absolutely no readers under 18.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

Elijah grabbed her and pulled her roughly to his chest. "How do you do this to me? You are so fucking sexy," he panted, his breathing still uneven from his powerful orgasm. "I'm going to try something with you and I don't want you to be afraid."

Savannah nodded although she was clearly worried, knowing that she wouldn't have a choice in the matter. Elijah forced himself to sit up and he jumped down off the bed, beckoning Savannah to follow. She obeyed, following Elijah across the room to a corner where something large sat under a thick white sheet. Elijah's eyes glowed with arousal as he lifted the sheet, revealing a large metal cage. Savannah eyed him warily.

"I want you inside this cage. I promise I won't hurt you. The idea of seeing you in here makes me so hard. I'm going to pleasure you inside here."

Dubiously, Savannah watched as Elijah opened the cage door. "Inside," he whispered. Knowing she had no choice, Savannah crouched down and crawled inside the cage. Elijah closed the door carefully behind her. He picked up his semi-soft cock and began stroking it with long, firm strokes.

"Mmm, that's right, baby. I want to watch you touch yourself in there."

Much to her surprise, Savannah was turned on and she found herself reveling in the feelings of debasement and humiliation. She was willing to do anything that made Elijah hard, she stood on her knees and grasped the top of the cage with one hand, her fingers encircling the thin metal bars. The stretch caused her breasts to lengthen and swell and she felt her nipples harden under Elijah's watchful eyes. She reached her other hand down her body until she felt her sex, and she carefully spread herself open with her fingers.

"Like this?" she murmured as she began to rub her clit.

"Yes," Elijah choked as his hand moved quickly up and down his cock. Savannah let her hand run over her body, feeling the wetness of her arousal. She spread the wetness over her lips and folds, until her entire sex was slick with the fluids. She rocked against the cage, grasping at her own breasts, moaning loudly as Elijah watched on with obvious arousal.

"Beg me to let you out," he commanded softly.

"Please. Please, Elijah. Let me out," she whimpered, holding onto the cage and pushing her heavy breasts against the cool metal.

"Keep begging. Call me Master."

Savannah was so turned on now that she felt she would come right inside the cage. "Please, Master. Release me. Please let me out. I want to fuck you so badly. Please let me out."

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