book cover of Bred By Wolves

Bred By Wolves

(The second book in the Impregnated By The Wolves series)
A Novella by

Trouble arises for Jane while she and her friends are camping in the wilderness. The pack of wolves can smell her sexy young body and raging hormones from miles away. The wolves stalk closer while she is taking a late night dip alone in the nearby river. The beasts capture her and have their way with her tight human body, Jane is reluctant at first but soon she craves the fullness and savage lust that she receives from them.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

"Todd, is that you?"

There was a rustle, but no response. She started to get more sensitive. She felt her hairs standing on end, a wave of sensation going up and down her body. Like the wind, if the wind had large soft hands.

"George? Manny? It's not funny anymore."

Still no reply. Her scalp began to tingle. Every hair on her tiny body stood on end.
"Ok, you win. Seriously you guys, come out already. I'll do whatever you want. You really win this time."

Jane turned around in circles, and saw three massive shadows moving towards her. They were too big to be any of her friends. They were too big to be any human, she thought. And as they moved closer, they became bigger than any animal she had ever seen.

"Who are you," she said, trembling. "What do you want?"

By the time they were in full view of the moonlight, standing on their hind legs, Jane was too scared to say anything at all coherent. She looked them all up and down, thinking she was hallucinating or something even worse. But even in her fog, in her nakedness and fear and chill, she knew what they wanted. She could tell just by looking. Leading them forth, in front of each of the brothers, were their massive werewolf erections. They moved slowly inward towards her, until she could only gape open her mouth at their size and their clear intention.

By now she should have been crying. If she was anyone else, or if she was at any other time in her life, she would have been scared, falling to the floor to beg for her life or play dead or wish she was dead already. But the feelings Jane felt were something much different, and much more familiar. She felt hot all over. She felt hungry, like she had been earlier in the evening and more than she had ever been before. She felt her pussy getting wet and her mouth drooling. Deep down she wanted whatever was about to happen.

There was no discussion. Each of the brothers drew themselves toward the woman at a different angle, as if they all knew exactly how to share. As if they had done this many times before. Ulric, who was clearly the leader, charged at her from the front. He jumped on her and brought her down on to her back, laying them both down on the forest floor as he slid his animal phallus into her aching pussy in one fluid motion.

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