book cover of Your Dad is My Daddy

Your Dad is My Daddy

(The fourth book in the Daddy Chronicles series)
A Novella by

Mia and Georgia are best friends… but they’re hiding deep, taboo secrets from one another.

It’s movie night. Mia and Georgia are supposed to meet up with their friends for a fun, innocent time. But Mia Stokes has something much more devious and taboo in mind.

When Georgia’s stupidly hot dad waltzes into the house, Mia isn’t thinking about the movies anymore. She makes an excuse to ditch Georgia and their friends, hoping that she can pull a fast one. Namely, she wants Garret Roberts all to herself. She can’t let her best friend know, but she’s addicted to Mr. Roberts so badly that it hurts.

What she doesn’t realize, however, is that her bubbly best friend Georgia has some depraved secrets of her own . . .

(This is the first book in the second arc of “The Daddy Chronicles.” It can be read without reading the first three books in the series, as it contains a completely new cast of characters. Warning: Contains strong language and explicit scenes.)

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