book cover of Besties and Daddies

Besties and Daddies

(The sixth book in the Daddy Chronicles series)
A Novella by

Mia spills all the secrets to her best friend’s dad, and finds herself needing discipline… with all parties involved.

She can’t hold onto the secrets any longer. It’s going to ruin Mia’s relationship with her bestie Georgia. So she runs to the open arms of Garret Roberts, Georgia’s dad.

He isn’t angry about the shocking surprises he learns. Still, he tells Mia she needs discipline and domination in order for things to be okay. Mia agrees.

But Garret also has a business meeting to tend to. So after leaving Mia tied-up to the bed, he goes out and does his business... and then brings the surprise guest into the bedroom to join the fun.

all the secrets are out in the open. What will happen when the fourth and final missing person of the puzzle stumbles upon the lewd, ludicrous orgy?

(This is the third and final book in the second trilogy of “The Daddy Chronicles.” Reading books 1-3 beforehand isn’t necessary, but it’s recommended you read books 4 and 5 first. Warning: Contains strong language and explicit scenes.)

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