book cover of Taylor Gets Trained

Taylor Gets Trained

A Novella by

Lovely blonde Taylor’s job is to stand straight and look pretty behind the counter of a five-star hotel. Not many guests checked in or out in the evenings so there wasn’t a lot else to do but occasionally answer the phone. Right across the street was a martial arts academy that offered midnight classes to shift workers. It’s an all-female dojo run by two Asian women and she finds herself relishing the exercise and training.

When she hurts her thigh, though, she learns another kind of training, as one of the ladies gives her a hot oil massage to loosen the muscles, and things… develop from there! Soon both the senseis are training her in arts other than martial. Arts that still involve a stern discipline, complete obedience, and moving and posing her body as ordered! And then Ming, the older of the two, introduces her to a male sensei, and a way of making money that doesn’t involve boredom!

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