book cover of Dark Obsession

Dark Obsession

A Novel of Erotic Domination
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Dara is a cocky tomboy working as a deputy sheriff for her Uncle, the Sheriff of Kainlen County. In rural Mississippi that meant speed traps, boredom, and her uniform sticking to her skin as she tries to avoid the sweltering summer heat. And then she meets Emery, a mountain of black flesh, his body rippling with muscles, glistening in the hot sun, his face sullen with anger and resentment. In an instant, she becomes obsessed, her body afire, her mind overpowered by her own uncontrolled lust. What a wicked, wicked thing it would be to have sex with a Black man! And not just any Black man, for Emery was just out of prison, full of rage and violence. As her obsession batters down her pride, Dara is beaten, brutalized, and humiliated again and again, given to other men, and made the focus of all their revenge, anger and savage lust.

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