book cover of Cassidy\'s Walk on the Dark Side

Cassidy's Walk on the Dark Side

A novel by

Cassidy is bored with her life. She works as a cashier at a department store, shares an apartment with two roommates, and has a dull to non-existent sex life. What has she got to lose by going on a blind date with Caleb? He's good-looking, at least, and confident, but also boring. He talks about complicated things instead of movies and celebrities. She's thinking he won't get a second date but then he takes her for a walk on the dark side. Sex with Caleb will be many things, but never dull. Breathtaking, passionate, and kinky were words that came to her mind afterward. Even dangerous, if they were caught in some of the things they did in that parking garage! That's more than enough to get him a second date, and more after. And during each date, he draws her further into the deliciously edgy fantasy of being a submissive to his dominant, of obedience in exchange for passion, of bondage and threesomes in exchange for wild, wicked, edgy excitement and pleasure. Somehow, she discovers, bondage makes her feel free - free of all the rules of society. And for the first time in a long time she feels as if she's really living.

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