book cover of Auctioned to the Lumberjacks

Auctioned to the Lumberjacks

(The second book in the Auctioned series)
A novel by

When three rugged lumberjacks buy me at auction, I don’t know whether to be grateful or terrified.

So many wrong decisions put me under the control of a dangerous man intent to destroy me. My only way out is to find a place to hide and survive until I can risk going back for everything that’s been taken from me.

At the underground auction, I’m sold to the highest bidder.

The three men who buy me are huge and rugged, with watchful eyes and powerful bodies capable of tearing trees from their roots. They’re reclusive lumberjacks who take me back to their remote mountain cabin to serve all their needs.

West is ex-military. Fierce and brooding, he keeps to himself, but in the bedroom, he seems to want to break me with pleasure to fix his deep wounds.

Finn is gentle despite his size and brute strength. He’s reluctant to own me, but his need for closeness burns through his restraint.

Jack, ex-law enforcement, watches me like I’m going to bring trouble to their door. He’s mean and harsh and tests every boundary I have. But his sky-blue eyes crave the connection he seems to fear.

They introduce me to the isolation and beauty of the mountain forest, and I succumb to their dark desires, desperate for the safety they offer.

But even as I submit, I can’t forget what was taken from me, despite the risk to my life if I ever go back. Confessing the truth to three savage strangers feels impossible.

Have I surrendered to another relationship that will break me, or should I trust the three gruff lumberjacks with my secret and my heart?

Auctioned to the Lumberjacks is a standalone romance in the Auctioned Series.
Reader note - This book contains darker themes. These lumberjacks are mean and moody until they're redeemed by love.

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