book cover of Back In The Game

Back In The Game

(The second book in the Poker Loser series)
A novel by

At the end of Forced Bet Allison realized that she was in love with the man who took her virginity and filled her request to be blackmailed into fulfilling her myriad of sexual fantasies and dark desires, only to have him tell her that he was going to Turkey to work. Unaware that Todd purposefully didn't tell her that he shared her feelings, because he didn't want her to wait for him if he was unable to make himself into the man he felt she deserved and that her parents would approve of, Allison is now struggling with hidden heartbreak and the knowledge that she needs to move on from the man who stole her heart. Her new boyfriend's name is Roger and he's everything the old Allison would have wanted - sweet, generous, caring, of equal social standing, and there's even a hint of something authoritative and darkly sexy in the back of his eyes.

As she struggles with her own emotions, her parent's expectations and her social statuses' strictures, Allison is taking steps for her own independence and life through her job and her new apartment with her friend Diana. Unwilling to continue living life under her parents terms, she tries to make herself into the kind of woman she thinks a man like Todd would want even as she does her best to remove him from her heart.

This is the second book in the Poker Loser series, following Forced Bet. This book has oral, MF and anal sex, phone sex and masturbation with toys.

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