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Heat Cycle

(The third book in the Forbidden Omegaverse series)
A novel by

Daddy Jack calls me his Princess and tells me he’ll protect me from the big bad world. But how can he protect me from the way being near him stirs my body to life and fills me with forbidden desire? How can he protect me from my…Heat Cycle?

My parents died before they could tell me what I am. I never had a Were Mark, so they thought it would be safe to leave me ignorant of my heritage—my birthright as a Female Were. So I had no idea why my body started behaving so strangely when Daddy Jack showed up.

Jack was my Father’s best friend—they swore an oath to protect each other’s families. After my parents were killed in a car wreck, he showed up on my doorstep, ready to take care of me and protect me from the big bad world.

Despite his fearsome appearance—piercing blue eyes, a bristly black beard, and tattoos everywhere—Daddy Jack was kind and sweet to me. He let me crawl in bed with him at night when the nightmares got bad and cuddled me close to his broad chest until I could fall asleep again.

But being near my new Daddy seems to have changed something inside me. My breasts are filled with sticky-sweet nectar and I feel so
empty inside—like I need to be filled. I hear people whispering about my “Heat Cycle,” though I don’t know what that means. Jack swears he can’t help me with my new cravings because that would be violating the Unbreakable Laws of the Pack—he says we could be killed for our forbidden love. But my body is crying out for his and I don’t care about the danger—I just want my Daddy Jack to give me what I so desperately desire—him.

Author's Note--Please read the warning at the beginning of the book before purchasing. This is an unapologetic age gap, Call me Daddy romance. If you don't like that kind of book, please don't buy this because it's definitely NOT for you.

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