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Grave Silence

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The past refuses to be hidden any longer... Visions of a horrible murder bring psychic Caitlin McKay to a small New England town to seek justice for a victim the police refuse to acknowledge. She forges an uneasy bond with Detective Kyle Harris to uncover the truths that lie beneath the town's pristine façade. But her attraction to the man could come at a high price. Death. Secrets can be deadly... As Caitlin uncovers details of a long-ago crime, a chilling link between past and present begins to emerge, along with memories of a horrific childhood she's spent her whole life refusing to remember. The more she learns about the crimes and her past the more someone in town wants her out of the way. Soon Caitlin and Kyle find themselves racing against a criminal who got away with murder in the past and intends to do it again. When the truth finally comes out, the answers she gets are so shocking they threaten to tear her world apart. She can't trust anyone in the tiny coastal town. Everyone is keeping secrets. Even the detective who has sworn to protect her at all costs.

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