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Olivia loves to an elven enchantress. But this time her desperate need for attention--and provocative attire--have taken things too far. Inflamed by her physical charms, her four male friends decide to take their boring tabletop adventures to a whole new level, living out their wildest fantasies, and showing her the real meaning of playing by the rules...whether she wants to or not!

This 9800 word story features a party of adventurers getting into all sorts of trouble, including exhibitionism, sexy role-playing, and a reluctant gangbang featuring multiple creampies!

Dan stood, smiling at Will. Olivia had an uncomfortable thought that this was what they had planned all along. She struggled a little, but small body's strength was no match for Todd and Steve. Dan and Will walked back to her.

"'Surrender, mortal!'" Will said, resuming his ridiculous lich voice.
Olivia struggled, but they used both hands to hold her. At that moment, a strange yearning came over her. Instead of screaming for help, or biting and kicking, she felt herself surrendering. A longing that she'd been denying herself for too long took over. "Make me," she said, suddenly, in a husky voice.

Will's face flushed. Her words gripped their collective fantasy by the balls and made it real. For once, he looked confused and uncertain. There was an awkward moment of silence. Suddenly, Dan grabbed her face and turned it towards his. His cold, blue eyes pierced into her soul, and she felt at once that she was powerless to resist. "You will submit!" he said, his voice full of command.

She nearly melted at his words, and felt her loins growing moist and warm. However, she managed to stay in character. "Eloryl submits to no one!" she said, her voice wavering.

She didn't really like any of these men, but something about the scenario was incredibly arousing. She didn't understand what was happening to her; her smug feeling of superiority over the boys was transforming itself into a craven desire to be dominated by them. Todd and Steve seemed to be as confused and uncertain about the situation as Will was. They'd gotten themselves into something they'd dreamed about since the day they met her, but didn't know what to do with her now that they had her where they wanted her. Dan, however, knew exactly what he was doing.

"Get on your knees," Dan said, commanding her again. When she didn't move, he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down...

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December 2012 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Geek Girl Fantasy (Reluctant Gangbang Cosplay)
Author(s): Cassandra Zara, Clea Kinderton
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