book cover of Fun With My Coworker\'s Daughter Trilogy

Fun With My Coworker's Daughter Trilogy

(A book in the Fun With series)
A Novella by

I hate my job and I hate everyone who works there, especially Jim. So when Jim's daughter Amy comes in with a problem, I know just how to solve it...the three roughest sexual experiences of her life! And, as a bonus, over the course of these 16000 words, I get to make Jim extra mad when he finds out that his beautiful daughter has a baby on the way!

This bundle contains the stories "Breeding My Coworker's Daughter", "Breeding My Coworker's Daughter...Again!", and "Breeding My Coworker's Daughter...And Her Friend!"

Breeding My Coworker's Daughter

You know that guy who works at your office? The one with the perfect life who seems happy in his job while you remain miserable? When his daughter comes to the office after getting in trouble, now is your chance to finally get back at him, by impregnating his perky daughter!

This 5000 word story features a bad girl, a worse employee, rough sex in the office, torn underwear, and a delicious creampie!

Breeding My Coworker's Daughter...Again!

It had been a few weeks since I got my chance to get back at Jim through his daughter Amy, and so far I hadn't heard that she was pregnant yet. However, I got another shot when I was invited over to Jim's house. Poor Amy has no idea what's she's in for...

This 5400 word story features daisy dukes and a bikini top, rough sex, anal sex, gagging, and an impregnating creampie to top it all off!

Breeding My Coworker's Daughter...And Her Friend!

My fantasy has come true. College co-ed Amy is pregnant, and obviously I have new things to worry about. Her father will probably go nuts when he finds out. However, Amy has an arrangement that will benefit us both... Her silence in exchange for me knocking up her friend!

This 5600 word story includes my rough sex with two young college co-eds, girls eating out girls, and knocking up one of them with an explosive creampie!

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