book cover of Fun in Public: Stranger in a Hot Tub

Fun in Public: Stranger in a Hot Tub

A Novella by

Life has been pretty boring for me since I got a job as a saleswoman for my company. I mostly flew from town to town giving presentations and stayed in a different hotel every night. Every time I tried to be adventurous, my schedule held me back. When I went to my hotel's pool to relax one night, a mysterious stranger was there. We flirted, and when another couple entered the hot tub, he decided to show me just how adventurous I could be. Things got out of hand, and before I could tell him that I wasn't on birth control, he was inside me, filling me with an impregnating creampie - right in front of the other couple!

I lost track of everything around me as I made out with this stranger. The hot water splashed all around me as my tongue quested in and out of his mouth. His strong hands moved all over my body, grabbing at my back, my sides, and my ass. I turned to look out of the hot tub and into the pool. There was the couple. They had stopped talking and were now openly staring at me. For a moment, I felt myself waver. What was I doing? I thought. I could get caught. I wasn't on birth control.

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