book cover of Promise of Paradise

Promise of Paradise

A Novella by

When Nadya agrees to leave the carnival where she has made her life for the last twenty-five years, to live with her two best friends, she will be giving up one way of life for another. However, it doesn't prepare her for finding the men in Paradise so hot, or the lifestyle they led there so tempting. How can a frumpy forty-something wife and mother wannabe face the fact that she has the hots for two men who look young enough to be the sons she never had?

The moment Luc and Gabe saw the woman across the diner they knew she was their mate. They can smell her. Even more telling is the mating heat that hit them as they watched her from across the room. Who knew that three women could come to town and be mates for three different sets of friends, and who knew they would fall so completely in lust with their mate from the first time they scented her, not to mention that she would so thoroughly turn their lives up-side down?

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