book cover of Truly Yours - Lesbian Omegaverse Fantasy Romance

Truly Yours - Lesbian Omegaverse Fantasy Romance

(The fifth book in the Seventh Star series)
A novel by

*Read with caution. This novel contains explicit descriptions of mating cycles and G!P (girl penis). As the blurb indicates, this is a story about someone being traded to pay off a debt. The main character, Avani, is a user and abuser.

Things to expect: rough sex, non-consensual elements, fleeting bouts of suicidal ideations, unrealistic ideas of virginity, and difficult depictions of an omega as merely a ‘thing’. If those themes are triggering for you, please click away.

You’ve been warned.

This is a plus length (100K+ words) age-gap lesbian omegaverse fantasy romance with descriptions of G!P, ruts, knotting, and mates.

Orphaned at a young age, Issadora Yearling has grown into a talented pianist and schoolteacher under the guidance of her dear grandmother. While credit has always been tight, Issa knows exactly how to make every last penny of her inheritance stretch as much as possible.

But Gran has a debilitating secret—she's accrued a large debt over the past decade, and now, the debtors have come calling. Desperate for a quick solution, Gran turns to a long-lost friend for help.

Soon, Issa must face a horrifying truth: her grandmother's friend is none other than the Dowager Queen of the Seventh Star, and the doddering old lady is harboring a fugitive—Avani Brimwood, a notorious traitor and the Alpha who invoked a war to steal the throne from her older sister.

When Gran petitions the Alpha for a loan, Avani agrees, on one condition: Issa will stay behind as collateral.

Surely her grandmother wouldn't agree to this...
Would she?

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