book cover of Alien in Disguise

Alien in Disguise

(The fifth book in the Forbidden Bonds series)
A novel by

Hell hath no fury like a woman abducted by aliens…twice.

The space cruise is supposed to be the vacation of a lifetime. Instead, Jessie Sayles gets abducted by aliens. After the rescue, she’s determined to sound the alarm that humans have been targeted by a galactic slave cartel. But upon returning home, she discovers her apartment has been burglarized, her cat is freaked out, her boss doubts everything she says, and she gets kidnapped
again by a horned, amber-eyed alien who claims he’s with the galactic government.
She doesn’t know what to believe, but she’s sure of one thing—she won’t allow
anyone to interfere with her crusade to warn her fellow New Terrans of the threat, no matter how persuasive—or sexy—he is.

Maxx, an agent with the League of Planets, has three years invested in a mission to crush the slave cartel, and he’s about to close in on the mastermind behind it all—until Jessie barrels into middle of his operation. He has to stop her before she unwittingly ruins everything, so he takes her into protective custody.

With Jessie in lockdown, the sparks that fly soon ignite a heated desire, followed by a grudging, mutual respect as they come to realize they’re on the same side.

But just as Maxx is about to capture the cartel mastermind, unresolved trust issues threaten to destroy everything he and Jessie are fighting for. And they soon discover the stakes are greater than either of them imagined.

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