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(The first book in the Lands of Sex & Magic series)
A Novella by

In two lands, worlds apart, night offers two women the first whispers of their power.
In the Arcai, where all religion and politics are rooted in sex, young Cessaire Oghan offers her body for initiation into ancient rituals of magic and desire.

In America, a powerful but secretive business magnate offers designer Maxine MacAllister work whose professional and emotional scope she does not know and may not want.

As night deepen, both women, the mythic and the modern, will need all the sacred power and erotic wisdom pleasure brings, and more.

“If you have to call it something, call it genius at work.” - Booklist on The Incrementalists

“This is one of the best, and most brain-tickling, books I’ve read this year.” - Fantasy Literature on In Dreams Begin

“White’s debut is a trippy urban fantasy, an esoteric battle between myth and science told in floods of evocative prose … paranormal fans will appreciate White’s willingness to take chances and try something new.” - Publisher’s Weekly on and Falling, Fly

Skyler White is author of the Victorian time-travel IN DREAMS BEGIN, the vampire fable AND FALLING, FLY, and, with Steven Brust, the secret society murder-mystery THE INCREMENTALISTS. She lives in Austin, Texas.

Kindle Editions

December 2013 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Offerings -- of Pleasure, Modern + Mythic
Author(s): Skyler White
Publisher: Skyler White
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