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Drop Dead Dirty

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Oliver Kent isn’t just drop dead gorgeous…He’s drop dead dirty too. I haven’t seen him in a decade. Ten whole years since Oliver Kent broke my heart and we said goodbye to our teenage dreams forever.They say he’s a crazy successful businessman now, living wild in London with a huge bank balance.And me? Well, I’m still here living the same old small-town life, pretty sure I’ll never see him again.Until rumour has it that he’s going to be at our high school reunion...How the damn hell is a girl supposed to cope with the Oliver Kent effect all over again?It’s a whole fresh round of want. Filthy, dirty want for the boy who drove me wild with his filthy, dirty fantasies. So many memories aching for more.Just as well life sometimes gives out second chances, isn’t it?One thing’s for sure, I’ll be jumping in to take mine.Drop Dead Dirty is a second chance romance with hopes, dreams and small town love on the pages. The Oliver Kent effect gets pretty sizzling as the novel moves along.

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