book cover of Reckless Territory

Reckless Territory

A Novella by

Danger, desperation and unknown territory make for an unlikely rescue that might just give new meaning to the word reckless…

Lady Victoria Mead is an aristocratic Englishwoman who finds herself stranded and helpless in the wilds of a foreign country, adrift and dependent on saviors she doesn’t even know. If that isn’t bad enough, her impression is they might not even be on the right side of the law. Nonetheless, their chivalry might not be what she is used to but they represent a steely strength and implacable resolve that captivates and attracts her and is an unexpected twist to her tumultuous changed circumstances.

What do you do with a beautiful, genteel lady in the rugged landscape of an untamed land full of lawlessness and deadly disputes that are settled with violence and swift vengeance? For three outlaw cowboys the answer appears to be fall and fall hard for her intelligence, courage, and undeniable beauty and they find they will risk anything to protect her…

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