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Tempting Two

(The third book in the Scandalous Ballroom Encounters series)
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Penelope Hunt is well on her way to becoming a spinster. When Colin Worthing courted her secretly for an entire season before making off with her virginity, he ensured that she could never make a good match … or put the pieces of her broken heart back together again. His duplicity has her convinced that men are not to be trusted, and that she would be foolish to bind herself in marriage to one for the rest of her life. Deciding that life as a spinster has its benefits, she vows to avoid matrimony and enjoy her life in any way that she can—the inheritance to be had on her twenty-fifth birthday will see her endowed to do just that.

When the commissioned officer returns home years later, much older and wiser than the young rake who ruined her, he wants nothing more than to put his past behind him and make amends for his treatment of Penelope by marrying her. Setting out to woo her and convince her he’s changed, he never expects competition in the form of his best friend, Edmond Ingham.

With both men out to steal her heart, a jaded Penelope begins a game of intrigues and passion—one that the members of the ton would be shocked to know she indulged in. But what does it matter when men have been breaking hearts since the dawn of time? Perhaps, the two men deserve to have their hearts played with.

And, perhaps, in two very different men, she will find that the love she thought couldn’t exist for two might just be possible with three.

Interview with the Author

Q: So, what makes the Scandalous Ballroom Encounters series special?
A: There’s nothing Regency romance readers love more than a good scandal! As a lover of both romance and erotica set in the Regency era, I really wanted to put everything I love about the genres into one series: rakish dukes, innocent debutantes, daring spinsters, seductive widows, and the glittering backdrop of London. Each book features a different couple (or threesome), and can be read alone, however, the characters often cross over into the other books and make appearances.

Q: Why should readers give these books a try?
A: These books are decadent, sexy, and emotional. The characters are relatable and engaging, and their scandalous behavior will having you turning the pages to find out what they might do next!

Q: How many books will be in the complete series?
A: I am not certain. At the moment, I have 4 books planned. But who knows? There’s no shortage of scandal to be found among the members of le bon ton .

Scandalous Ballroom Encoutners Series Order

A Marriage Most Scandalous
Tempting Two

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