book cover of Scandalous Christmas Encounters: Volume 2

Scandalous Christmas Encounters: Volume 2

(A book in the Scandalous Christmas Encounters series)
A collection of stories by

You are cordially invited to an exclusive event at the home of Lady Millicent Dane - notorious widow and controversial figure among the ton. Not just anyone can garner an invitation to this Christmas fete, and those who attend are considered part of an inner circle ... a secret society of people who share an interest in taboo lusts of the flesh. While donning masks that denote their status as Masters, submissives, and everything in between, the lords and ladies present will indulge in their most wicked desires - the likes of which would set London ablaze with scandal if word of their activities were to spread. But, the chances of exposure are slim to none. After all, what occurs at Lady Dane's remains at Lady Dane's.

Part One: A Christmas Submission,/b>
Lord Simon Fitzwilliam IV, Marquis of Ashton, has found both the perfect wife and the consummate submissive in the same person - his wife, Lady Sophie, whom he loves to distraction. Yet, the recent birth of their twins has changed her, inhibiting her enjoyment of their bed play. Determined to remind her how beautiful domination and submission can be between them, Simon escorts her to Lady Dane's Christmas party with a plan ... one that require a level of submission she's never before given.

Part Two: Dominating the Duchess
Lord Camden Rycroft, Duke of Avonleah was one of the most notorious rakes of his day ... until he married the woman who stole his heart. With Lady Margaret Rycroft, he has found a happiness he never thought possible. After so many years together, everything is as it should be - except for the fact that their intimate life has grown surprisingly predictable. As he falls in with a new set of friends and finds himself invited to his first soiree at the home of Lady Dane, Camden plans a downright scandalous evening for his wife, hoping to inject some much-needed fun back into their bed play.

Part Three: Christmas for his Mistress
Michael Darling has found happiness and love with Lady Amelia Darling, his recently wedded wife. While life as the lady of a country manor suits her, she still has much to learn about being part of a family - her own upbringing having been less than desirable. After an evening spent at Lady Dane's exclusive Christmas fete, Michael has plans of his own to mark Amelia's first real Christmas.

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