book cover of A Warm Place Plelude

A Warm Place Plelude

(A book in the Warm Place series)
A Novella by

It’s been two years since the end began.

In 2036, a rapidly destabilizing climate culminated in a worldwide snowstorm that froze the entire planet. Billions are now dead due to starvation, disease, civil unrest, and the plummeting temperatures. What remains of humanity now live in small settlements or isolated makeshift villages, carving out miserable lives in this grim new reality.

Some, like Chris Weston, choose to travel among the vast winter wastelands between the bastions of civilization. In the aftermath of the great collapse, Chris finds himself strangely suited for this new world. Strong, motivated, patient, and already possessing a fair amount of knowledge on wilderness survival, he’s lucky enough to feed the strong urge of wanderlust that grips him despite the new, icebound Earth.

While walking along a lonely highway, Chris comes across an isolated gas station, an almost-functional vehicle, and a very attractive woman. Her name is Mary, and he learns she is very amenable to some hot fun in exchange for a safe escort to civilization…

A WARM PLACE contains detailed, hot sexual encounters and scenes of violence.

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