book cover of A Warm Place 7

A Warm Place 7

(The seventh book in the Warm Place series)
A novel by

The situation could be worse, but not by much.

While Chris was out finding himself and answering some crucial questions about how he wants to live his life, tragedy and bad luck was striking Pine Lake repeatedly. After a series of accidents and a run of poor luck, culminating in a freak storm, Chris has returned home to learn that the place he intended to settle down is no longer capable of sustaining life in any long-term fashion.

To make matters worse, Megan led a team off on a desperate expedition to follow a modern day treasure map to what they hope to be a cache of supplies locked away in a remote prepper's bunker. Only Megan's team never came back. Now, Chris and Hannah must launch a daring rescue operation of their own. Not just to find Megan and the others, but to help keep the residents of Pine Lake alive long enough to hopefully figure out a way to avoid extinction...

A WARM PLACE contains detailed, hot sexual encounters and scenes of violence.

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