book cover of Seducing Blake

Seducing Blake

A Novella by

NOTE: Reworked edition of previously published novelette, "All For Daddy."

Vivian has had a crush on her father's sexy best friend for years, so when she moves to Boston to attend college her father sets her up to live with Blake - for a while. After living with Blake for a few months, Vivian thinks that the attraction she feels for him may be mutual; that is until he doesn't come home one night because he was with another woman! Vivian decides it's time to become proactive in getting what she wants - namely, Blake.

Mirror Editions: The Mirror Editions line of books is the non-taboo (mainstream erotica) versions of some of Terry Towers bestselling taboo works. If you have already purchased the Taboo version of the novelette "All For Daddy," please do not purchase this edition.

Length: Approx 11,000 words

***Warning: This book contains explicit language and sex some may find offensive. Meant for adults aged 18+***