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Man Possessed

(The fifth book in the Salvatore Brotherhood MC series)
A novel by


She’s brutally beautiful, fiercely independent, and totally out of my league. But I’m obsessed.

From the moment I first saw her, I knew she was mine. The trick is trying to convince her she likes me. She fights me every step of the way, refusing to give me a chance.

Loving her comes with conditions. The biggest one, loving her son as much as I love her. She doesn’t think it’s possible. She doesn’t trust me enough to let me in, to prove to her that they are mine.

It’s not until she calls me for help, terrified and alone that her walls come crumbling down around her. Finally, she lets me in and I finally, finally, have them, my family.

Apart, we were surviving. Together, we’re living.


He’s crazy. He’s a biker. He’s dangerous. I shouldn’t be attracted to him. But I am.

I can’t let him in, not yet. Not until he can show me he’s more than just a player and dangerous biker. Not until he shows me that he’ll be the man my son deserves and the man I need.

It’s not until I’m attacked that I realize how much he cares, how much he loves. He takes my son under his wing, and together, they soar. But more than that, we soar. Together.

He might be crazy, he might be a walking red flag, but he’s mine. And I’m his.

Author's Note: This is a DARK ROMANCE and contains potentially upsetting events.
Please read with caution.
Child abuse & neglect, physical abuse, implied assault, LGBTQ+/coming out, degradation, some praise, spicy movie making, bondage, knife & blood play, spit kink, branding/scarification, torture, murder, trafficking, violence, swearing, and gore.

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