book cover of The Bride Collector

The Bride Collector

(The first book in the Kings of Sorrows and Dreams series)
A novel by

Someone—something—is hunting brides, and I need answers.

Centuries ago, monsters from our myths, fairytales, and nightmares invaded our world. To most they are invisible, but not to me.

From my elegant campervan headquarters, with my sidekick demon cat, Lump, I investigate paranormal problems.

In my search for the truth, I break into a bookshop owned by Harrow. He easily traps me, but Harrow is a Stitched soldier, given enhanced abilities for the sole purpose of killing the creatures not of our world.

Two monsters share possession of his scarred body. Drawn into their carnal maelstrom, I am taken and owned by all three.

The caress of a man, the lure of the demon and the kraken. I have found a love I could never have imagined.

Yet our love may be shattered, for the hunt is still on.
The Bride Collector has another victim in his sights.

We four must destroy this immortal or die trying.


The Bride Collector is a standalone romance.

Nightmare Rising is Book 2 and the first part of the romance between Val and Zara.
The third book will neatly tie everything together, and bring back Harrow, Ash, Viktoria, and Beez as side characters, while Zara and Val get their Happily Ever After—okay, not so neatly since it’s a slippery mess of tentacles, monsters, weirdness, and some mythological creatures that like doing despicably filthy things.

Content advisory inside the book in the About The Bride Collector section.

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