book cover of Given to the Major

Given to the Major

(The fifth book in the Galactic Discipline series)
A novel by

For the Magisterian Federation, the military subjugation of Sara's planet was only part of the price her people will pay for their defiance. As the beautiful public relations specialist is about to learn in a very personal way, for a conquest to be fully complete it must be utterly humiliating.

Having been carefully selected by the invaders, Sara will be stripped bare, spanked soundly, and paraded naked and blushing before her neighbors on the way to the facility where she will be thoroughly and intimately examined. Then, with every helpless climax being broadcast to the entire planet, she will be roughly and shamefully ravaged by the man who will soon own her.

Publisher's Note: Given to the Major is a stand-alone entry in the Galactic Discipline series. The books of the Galactic Discipline series can be read in any order. Given to the Major includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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