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Bound By Passion

(Book 26 in the Secrets series)
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Witches and Wizards don't mix. Every magical being knows that. Yet when a little mischievous magic thrusts Ella and Kevlin together, they don't just mix.
They combust. The Wizards chase the lusty pair on a wild flight through the galaxy even as Kevlin chases Ella...into bed.

To My Readers: My fascination with wizards continues in Enchanted Spell. Of course, in my fantasy worlds, wizards and witches don't mix. That could be a problem considering the heroine is a witch, and she just happens to find herself right in the center of Wizard Country looking up at a very angry wizard. Let the fun begin!

I want to thank each and every one of you who have purchased this book and invested your time in reading it. Your support means a lot, and I wish you all the best life has to offer!
To my special readers, Michelle, Debbie, Jennifer, and Rene - a simple thank you could never be enough to express how grateful for each of you!


McCarthy Portman is the matchmaking maven behind the Manhattan dating service, Rendezvous. When her software pairs her with wild and wicked Josh Kensington,
McCarthy's beliefs about love are turned upside down. Josh breaks every barrier protecting her heart, but can he win her love for keeps?

To My Readers: I have a soft spot for bad boys with big hearts. I love a tough exterior, but even more compelling is the mushy heart that lies beneath it. Josh Kensington is a fun hero - he's smart, he's successful and he's a wild-child at heart. But when Josh loves, he does it for keeps.
I first introduced Josh in Intimate Rendezvous (Secrets, Volume 17), and though I had not initially intended a story for him in the Rendezvous trilogy, by the time I reached the third story, I knew he was going to be my hero. I hope you find his fun-loving, big-hearted ways as endearing as I do. And what better heroine to match him with than Rendezvous' very own dating guru, McCarthy Portman? Fire and ice? Oil and water? I think not. These two know how to set the sheets ablaze!


Courtesan Eva Werner is the perfect double agent, England's secret weapon against Napoleon. When she must rescue a British spy at a sadistic marquis'
depraved house party, she makes the spy her love slave for the marquis's pleasure. But who is slave and who is master?

To My Readers: From the age of 12 I've been fascinated with anything British, and especially the Regency era. As a teen, I spent my summers reading Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, and Barbara Cartland. Last summer I watched the BBC America Sharpe mini-series starring the yummy Sean Bean, and was inspired to write about a British major fighting against Napoleon. Major Ambrose Delacourt is a veteran soldier; strong, sexy, and... about to meet his match! Enjoy!


Former lovers Risa Haber and Eric Lange are partners in a catering business, but Eric can't seem to remain a silent partner. Risa offers one night of carnal
delights if he'll sell her his share then disappear forever. Eric figures he has to play along--or does he?

To My Readers: I've always treasured stories about reunited lovers. There's just something about all that emotional angst as the couple strives to overcome past mistakes and emerge stronger than before that tugs at my heart strings. Knowing how amazing the sex was between them - and could be again - ratchets the tension higher. In Exes and Ahhhs, Risa Haber and Eric Lange find themselves on such a journey. Please enter their world and enjoy the sweet sensations they generate.
This story is dedicated to my friend and critique partner, Brenda K. Jernigan, who patiently and quickly reads everything I write. Thank you, Brenda, for sticking by me all these years.

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December 2008 : USA Paperback

Title: Secrets, Vol. 26: Bound by Passion
Author(s): Calista Fox, Kate St James, Jillian Burns, Rachel Carrington
ISBN: 1-60310-006-7 / 978-1-60310-006-9 (USA edition)
Publisher: Red Sage Pub Inc
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