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Close Quarters

A novel by

In Aesop's Fable The Fox and The Crow, a wily fox plays on a crow's vanity and convinces her to drop a piece of cheese.It's time for the crow to even the score.When Brenna Hennessy embarrasses Alastair Reynard, he decides to show Brenna just how easy it is to be seduced from the straight-laced world she lives in. Playing on her vanity, Alastair convinces Brenna to drop her clothes and spend a night in his bed.Brenna learns two things from her night with Alastair - a person can't die of embarrassment and Alastair is an incredible lover.Now Brenna wants some payback of her own. A "friendly kidnapping" leaves Alastair tied to her bed and at her mercy. It's supposed to be a weekend of hot sex and acting out the fantasies she's only dreamed about. Her heart was not supposed to become involved, but when she's locked in close quarters with Alastair, revenge quickly takes a back seat to pleasure... and love.