book cover of Dinner with Daddy

Dinner with Daddy

A novel by

My ex’s lover tried to kill me. Then my night really got interesting…

All I wanted when I got home was a warm bed. Well, I found one.

Too bad my fiancé and his stepmother were already in it.

They had a plan to get rid of his father. And they wanted my help—or else.

Fortunately, my brain worked fast enough to get me out of there. But I think it was fate that made me run into Bard Dearg, the sexy older man my ex planned to murder.

I was shocked when Bard swore to protect me. Even more so when he took me to dinner with some
very scary people. Then I was gobsmacked when he told me what he wanted.

See, I never thought I’d end up having the best sex of my life with a mafia daddy.

But I did.

Now, I’m surprising even myself with how eager I am to give him
everything he wants, including revenge on his son.

And his new heir…

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