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Personal Assistant

(The first book in the My Best Friend's Daughters series)
A novel by

Early retirement in the sunny Caribbean or a star-spangled life with your best friend’s daughters?

Daniel Pierce ditched his nine-to-five corporate life for swim trunks and a beach house in the sunny Caribbean. But now, a year after his best friend and former business partner’s premature death, he’s back in Atlanta to confront his former company’s board of directors.

When Reggie Raven passed away, he left his oldest daughter, Brooke Raven, in charge of the company. But when the board votes to replace her with a more seasoned veteran, Dan steps in to plead her case. The board agrees to let Brooke continue as CEO on one condition… Dan must spend a year grooming her for the job.

Now Dan’s up to his ear in spreadsheets and quarterly reports, but it’s Brooke’s sizzling beauty and infectious charm that truly turns his world upside down. Brooke isn’t his only distraction. Brooke’s younger sisters, Lillie and Elle, insist that Dan live with them while he’s back in town.

It doesn’t take long until Dan discovers the hidden torch Brooke’s carried for him over the years. But Dan’s guilty feelings stop him from pursuing the stunning young redhead. Undaunted, Brooke doesn’t back away from the challenge and won’t stop until Dan gives in.

Dan must navigate the dangerous currents of his simmering feelings for Brooke and his budding infatuation for her blonde and busty sisters while teaching Brooke what she needs to know to run her father’s company.

Personal Assistant is the first installment in a three-part series that follows retired entrepreneur, Daniel Pierce as he reluctantly pursues his best friend’s three daughters and builds the harem he never knew he needed.

18+ Only!

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