book cover of Satisfied By Her Boyfriend\'s Daddy

Satisfied By Her Boyfriend's Daddy

(Book 34 in the Kent Crossing's Forbidden Daddies series)
A novel by

There’s something wrong with me. I have to fake it every time because my boyfriend can’t make me climax. Of course, I can’t make myself climax, either. You won’t believe who makes it happen!

How in the world can I be twenty-two years old and not know what an orgasm feels like? My boyfriend thinks I do. That’s because I lie. He can’t please me. I can’t even please myself! One day I break down in the middle of trying. My boyfriend’s Daddy walks in and sees me nude and crying like a baby. As I blubber and tell him all my problems, he decides to take action. Before I know it, he’s showing me exactly what I’m missing. I want more. I want much, much more!

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