book cover of Kneeling, Smiling, and Sighing for Dom

Kneeling, Smiling, and Sighing for Dom

(The sixth book in the Doms of Satyr Woods series)
A novel by

I thought I would spend the rest of my life getting myself into trouble. I never imagined that a sexy Dom would rescue me from myself!

tall and muscular with eyes that see through me until I feel like I’m naked in front of him every time he looks at me. His upper body seems like it’s carved from granite and his muscular chest is matched only by his powerful biceps. I know how powerful they are because when he spanks me it hurts like heck!

I have a
problem with self-control. Basically, I don’t have any. That means I have no self-discipline. The good news is my Dom is willing to be my discipline until I get my own. Fortunately for me, Sir is more than willing to let me submit to him but can I convince him to stay with me for the long term?

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