book cover of Hubby\'s StepDaddy Always Gets Me First

Hubby's StepDaddy Always Gets Me First

(Book 44 in the Kent Crossing's Forbidden Daddies series)
A novel by

I didn’t mean to seek comfort from Hubby’s StepDaddy but I need someone to listen to me. I especially never expected that I would lose control and seduce him!

I scream at Hubby one day and ask if he’s come back just to call me a frigid bitch again. I don’t realize it’s his StepDaddy who just walked in! Well, I break down into tears and talk about how my husband is always pressuring me and mean, treating me like anything other than constant sexual behavior makes me a mean person and an uncaring wife. Daddy listens to me and I don’t mean to do it but I suddenly get very turned on by my sexy in-law. Before I know it, I’m making a deal with myself. I’ll give Hubby whatever he wants but he’ll never know his StepDaddy got it first! What will come from this forbidden romance?

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