book cover of Grayson\'s Pony

Grayson's Pony

(The third book in the Pet Play series)
A Novella by

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Grayson’s Pony

⚠Pony play, interracial ‘romance’, degradation, humiliation, no safe words, blackmail, breeding & punishment. Full TWs inside.

Grayson Dalton

An aristocrat’s disowned son. He went on to own Club X simply in order to further humiliate his blue blooded family name. What started off as a means to get back at his family became the countrys most illustrious BDSM club. The lifestyle seems to be losing its appeal since his closest friends have found their permenant pets. When he finds out a journalist has evidence of a high profile client enjoying his club he is on the hunt to find her before it’s too late.

Larisa Osei

Being a woman and working as a freelance journalist is a tough gig. So when I get into Club X after trying for over a year I can’t believe who I see. This is the biggest scoop of my career. After I stopped laughing watching the footage that is. I reach out to an editor I have worked with before and realise I have hit the jackpot with this story. Before I can submit the footage and story a furious Grayson Dalton shows up at my door.

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