book cover of The Gift

The Gift

(The first book in the Time Travel With a Twist series)
A novel by

Christmas is going back in time…

♥Kindle Short Reads Less Plot More Spice♥


⚠Not limited to the following: Slave/master, dubious consent, Somno, pregnancy, and punishment.⚠


Valencia finds a strange gift box with a note attached to it.

Open this gift with care,

You will find through space and time your soul’s pair,

Once opened, there is no return.

Just know this is what you yearn.

One moment she is in England and the next she is in Rome as a Roman Empire slave. Apparently, a runaway slave. She is quickly caught by her master who is determined to punish her.

Lucius Decia Octavir
On his way to the slave auction, a pretty bird comes across his path. There is something about her demeanour that is different. She should see my status and kneel before me in deference. Instead, she is highly disrespectful in front of all. Perhaps this was the purchase Lucius was destined to make.

Introducing a time travel series for 2024, with a touch of darkness. All standalone books but best enjoyed in the order of release.

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