book cover of Rapture, Volume 1

Rapture, Volume 1

A collection of stories by

Four bestselling authors in erotic romance in one volume! Lara Santiago's futuristic THE PROSECUTOR'S PARAMOUR, a prequel to The Wives Tales: In the year 2075, undercover enforcer Evie Marsh is dispatched to spy on the ambitious prosecutor, Zachary Valetta, only to fall in love and is betrayed by him as the radical Tiberius Group takes control of the U.S. and turns women into virtual properties in marriage auctions. ***** Gracie C. McKeever's urban fantasy SENTINEL'S HUNGER, a Sisters of Emsharra novella: Falling to a rare sentinel illness, Xevera Nanay encounters the biggest threat to her survival when paramedic Michael Constantine recognizes and imprisons her to exact revenge for what was done to his mother by her kind. ***** Morgan Ashbury's contemporary THE ENCHANTRESS, a Song of the Sirens novella: Twyla Harper is very good at "recovering" valuables for a living. Then she meets Nicholas Coultrain who gets under her skin and into her heart. There's only one problem: Nick is determined to bring down the Enchantress whose heist has destroyed his company. ***** Siren's #1 all-time bestselling author Emma Wildes's historical A DEVIL'S BARGAIN: Lady Isabelle is stolen by pirates and auctioned to the devil himself on a lawless tropical island. Condemned and banished, Devon Austin has a debt to settle, and when the daughter of his worst enemy falls into his lap, he takes advantage of the situation and will settle for nothing less than her very soul.

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