book cover of Just a Kiss

Just a Kiss

(The first book in the Tiburon series)
A novel by

JUST A KISS What is the definition of a kiss? Is it universal? What if it wasn't? Gabrielle, running from a madman, stumbles onto the departure platform of an alien ship heading for Tiburon, a planet two galaxies away. The gorgeous but ailing Keller wakes from his delirium to plead for a kiss. Gabrielle places her lips on his, eliciting a powerful response, since a Tiburon kiss has a different meaning. Gabrielle may have mouth-touched herself into a permanent relationship with the future leader of a planet of hostile alien warriors. ~~~~~ JUST ONE EMBRACE Crag of Tiburon exiles himself on Earth after losing his life partner in a tragic accident, remorseful because she wasn't his life mate. Stepping in to aid a distressed Ellie, they spend a passionate night together. They part reluctantly, then fate delivers a surprise. Can Ellie choose a life together with Crag on Tiburon as treachery and proof of a noble birth decide their ultimate future?

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