book cover of The Forgetful Spy

The Forgetful Spy

(The first book in the Double Recall series)
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THE FORGETFUL SPY [The Double Recall 1] Erotic Romantic Suspense: Faltering Protocol agent, Rachel Miles, can't afford to bungle another mission, but her growing desire for Colin may ruin her well-laid plans. Choosing between doing her job the way her boss wants it done or giving in to her overwhelming attraction for a man she barely knows, she selects Colin... Laurie Peterson's life is comfortable, quiet and pleasantly boring until she meets an exciting, gorgeous stranger who won't take no for an answer. Should she risk her comfortable life and risk hurting the aunt who gave up everything to take care of her for a man she's just met? ... Undercover agent, Colin Riley, loves two very different women. Rachel, outrageous, sensual and mysterious, who saves him from a murderous Colombian drug lord. And Laurie, the sweet librarian whose gentle innocence makes him yearn for a life he can't have. How can he choose between them? Especially once he realizes they're the same woman. ***** "Funny, sexy, and way out there! This book is true Lara! It rocks! Colin is a hot sexy spy and Rachel/Laurie is the perfect heroine. I couldn't put it down! 5 Flags" --Euro-Reviews *** "If you want to know more about Colin, Rachel and Laurie and their interesting love triangle, then you have to look no farther than The Forgetful Spy. I promise you will not be disappointed. To miss this story or any of her others is a real crime. 5 Enchantments" --Enchanting Reviews.

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